The snow fell early this year; too early in fact. Because in November we had our [[First Snow]].When the snow falls in November, it awakens something ancient and long since [[forgotten]].Double-click this passage to edit it.The early snow wakes the cold and heartless Seng. The Seng can only come out when snow first falls in November. [[Look for the Seng]] [[Go Home]]You begin your search for the Seng. You find a mysterious cave and a large tree. Which do you search? [[Cave]] [[Tree]]As you attempt to go home, the Seng senses your fear. It hunts you down and eats you left big toe. You make it home, but now have the mark of the Seng. [[The End]]The End Try Again? [[The Beginning]]You enter the cave and find a McRib. It looks fresh and smells, well, delicious. [[Eat McRib]] [[Kick the McRib]]As you climb the tree, you find a sign inscribed, "Sengs do not live in trees." Where do you go next, the [[Cave]], or [[Go Home]]?The Seng witnesses you eat the McRib and is impressed with your excellent palate. The Seng offers you an endless supply of McRibs and wealth. [[The End]]The Seng erupts from the shadows enraged that you would waste such an amazing sandwich. The Seng places you into the dreaded Steiner Recliner and then throws you out of the cave. You go home bruised and saddened. [[The End]]